Blizzard Entertainment

My goal is not only to progress and get ahead in life, but more so to learn new things and gain new experiences. For me it is important to be part of a strong can-do team, which strives to make better that what we all love most. Working on something that brings joy to people’s hearts and brings people together, resulting in an experience that ensues 'awe' and inspires, drives me to be the best me that I can be.


Rovio Entertainment

In May 2014 I got offered to become part of the Rovio Ad Ops team. Here my responsibilities lay within implementation, management and optimisation of ad campaigns within the Rovio games and Toons. It is great to be part of a globally operating company, gaining experience in cutting edge marketing practises within mobile and working on cross-promotions of our beloved new games that bring joy to the hearts of our fans.

Janssen Cilag

Janssen BeNeLux

Joining a highly skilled team of business and communication savy marketeers within the JnJ Janssen BeNeLux office, I got to help set to practise their new internal marketing and communications strategy. Bringing in fresh new ideas gained in my Digital Marketing degree and putting to use my knowledge of the internal bussines gained in the Leadership Development Program.

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson

Two years with the IT Leadership Development Program boosted my business skills and gave me invaluable experience leading key strategic projects with top executives of the company. With this high visibility came the responsibility to ensure excellent communication skills and a strong networking presence.



Being hungry for a more solid creative base within my career, I took the challenge to lead Cartamundi's new Digital Board Game project. I successfully delivered the game within a very tight deadline and the project became a showcase model of Cartamundi capabilities. A result of developing an innovate concept and establishing effective working relationships with individuals across departments.

Surf Instructing

Algarve Surf School

The greatest lesson to be had when being a surf instructor is how to remain calm when you have no control over the environment around you. The best thing you can do is keep your head clear, act to the best of your possibilities and focus on having a good time. It is then when you get the best results. Like in any aspiration, it is practise that makes perfect, so you just as well enjoy while you're at it. These are some of the lessons I carry on into all my life's endeavors.